Laundry Label

Laundry Label


Ever looked at a pinterest board and gone WOW I love that Laundry?
Bring your space to life with our Laundry labels!


    Available individually.

    Black or White are our default colours however, custom colours are available on request.

    Our Laundry Labels are on average about 5cm high. 

    If you are looking for Smaller Spice jar labels or Medium Pantry labels please refer to our alternate listings.

    Some fonts many not be suitable for small decals, if your chosen font will cause issues, we will contact you to customise your order and determine a suitable alternative.


    Due to the handmade nature of all items, we endevour to ship within 2 - 3 weeks of order to allow for us to create your items with care.

    We only ship using tracked post and via Australia Post which is generally 3-5 business days from dispatch however please note this is subject to Australia Posts current workload and COVID-19 limitations.


    • Our labels are made from the highest quality of permanent sign vinyl and are machine cut, not printed.
    • Please refer to the font selection photo - most fonts are lower case, with the first letter of each word Capitalised by default, however please type your label selection as you would like them cut as we do not correct spelling or punctuation.
    • Generally the dot of the i and other small details such as hypens will be left off as they are too small for sufficient adhesion.
    • Please measure your containers before placing your order.